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Biosecurity is the protection of New Zealand’s ecological, economic, social, and cultural values from the impacts of non-indigenous pests and diseases. Our team has an extensive track record in science and policy advice across the biosecurity system. We work with local and central government, industry, and Māori to quantify biosecurity threats and to develop cost-effective measures for preventing the establishment, spread and impacts of non-indigenous and unwanted organisms. Our experts have led or collaborated in research and consultancy projects relating to many areas of biosecurity management and invasion ecology, including:

  • Incursion response and pest population management
  • Pathway modelling and pathway management
  • Biosecurity risks associated with expansion of coastal infrastructure and industrial activities
  • Design and implementation of biological baseline and target surveillance programmes
  • Biofouling management for maritime shipping, boating, and aquaculture operations
  • Evaluation of antifouling technologies and in-water cleaning or treatment tools for shipping and aquaculture
  • Biosecurity management for the oil and gas industry
  • Achieving behaviour change for better biosecurity outcomes

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