LWP co-authors new science publication aimed at supporting biosecurity management in Aotearoa New Zealand

Quantifying the movement of New Zealand’s recreational vessels to inform management of non-indigenous species

In this study, Ph.D. candidate Kyle Hilliam (Deakin University/Cawthron), his co-supervisor Oli Floerl (LWP), and colleagues from the Australian Institute of Marine Science used network modelling to quantify movements of recreational vessels around New Zealand’s coastlines. Voyage itineraries received from >1,800 owners of recreational yachts and launches identified 317 popular destinations around Aotearoa New Zealand linked by >4,000 unique connections. Network-based metrics and risk proxies were used to quantify the relative importance of these destinations as incursion or spreading hubs for marine non-indigenous species. This information can support environmental managers in the design of risk-based surveillance and monitoring programmes.

A PDF version of the study, published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, can be accessed here.

For queries regarding this study, please contact Oli Floerl (oli@lwp.nz ).