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LWP contributes to defining nutrient criteria for rivers

May 2022

LWP teamed up with NIWA to derive nutrient criteria to achieve target states for periphyton biomass in the rivers of New Zealand. This project was possible due to the collection of flow, nutrient, periphyton and other data at 251 monitoring sites by 11 regional councils.

Read more about this study and access the criteria here

Access implementation guidance for the criteria here.


LWP Ltd published in Nature

June 2021

LWP Ltd has published an article in the prestigious journal Nature. The collaborative study produced a global map of river flow intermittency – the probability the worlds rivers cease to flow at least one day a year. The statistical modelling methods used in this study are frequently used by LWP to undertake a variety of assessments in New Zealand. 

Read more about this study at New Scientist magazine here.

Connect to the article at here.

LWP Ltd contributes to Our Freshwater 2020

April 2020

LWP Ltd collaborated with the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA) to produce analyses of current condition and recent trends in the water quality of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers that has been published by the Ministry for the Environment in Our Freshwater 2020.  

Connect to the MFE report here.

Connect to the underlying technical report by NIWA and LWP here.

Connect to NIWA here.

LWP Ltd contributes to Horizons Regional Council’s river and lake state of environment report

June 2019

LWP Ltd provided a comprehensive analysis of state and trends in the rivers and lakes of the Manawatū-Whanganui region that forms part of the Region’s new state of environment report. 

Connect to the report at Horizons Regional Council here.

A copy of LWP’s report can be found on our website here.